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News and Events

Lab photo 2023-2024

Inaugural Lab GIF 2021-2022

lab photo gif 2022 2.gif

Lab photo 2020-2021 (the beginning of the virtual lab meeting era)

Lab photo 2020-21_edited.jpg

Lab photo 2018-2019

Lab photo 2019-2020


Lab photo 2017-2018

Trying to take the lab photo...

April, 2017 - Goodbye dinner for Ana

The MacNeil lab said goodbye to Ana and celebrated her successful co-op term at a dinner together. We wish you the best Ana!

Federal Science Minister Dr. Kirsty Duncan visits the lab

Photo credits: photos 1-3 Department of Communications and Public Affairs, McMaster University. Photo 4. Simon Wilson, Canadian Press.

April, 2016 - Integrative Physiology meeting - La Foundation des Treilles. Tourtour, France

Lesley talks about worms, microbiota and health of the nervous system

Dundas Central grade 5 class visit

Andrea presents her thesis project.

Nice poster!

Undergraduate Research Day

Andrea and Blake inspire the next generation of scientists!

Summer 2015- Picnic at McCaul-Orde Park Toronto

Picnic in the park to celebrate the planting of Fiona's (aka Fi B.C. - pronounced Fee-bee-cee) commemorative tree. Thanks to generous donations from Fiona's former co-workers, and tireless efforts by Louise Dixon, we were able to get the tree planted just behind Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Pictured here coworkers from the Culotti, Spence and MacNeil labs.

Yearly Events


March 15 - Fiona Broackes-Carter day

Once a year, we honour the memory of Fiona Broackes-Carter by celebrating her birthday with the lab.

Fiona was a passionate scientist, a great friend and a wonderful human being.

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